The production may be limited but the quality of the Mela di Valtellina is of the highest level, with a low impact on the environment, guaranteed with the European Protected Geographical Indication trade mark.

In the heart of the alps, the mountain air gives this fruit a unique taste and fragrance.

The apples grow and mature naturally, sun-kissed and caressed by the wind in the hollow of the Valtellina alps, between 200 and 900 metres above sea level. The Stark Delicious, yellow with a rosy face, has a distinctive sweet and aromatic taste. Gala, the summer apple, matures on Midsummer’s Eve, Assumption Day, sweet and extremely juicy.

Valtellina is an ideal garden to grown apples.

Thanks to its geographical location, latitude, the mountainsides, the climate conditions and the day-to-day heat.

Crispy, aromatic, jucy and fragrant.

The Mela di Valtellina PGI is an excellent product that is also distinguished by its storability.

The Consortium for the promotion of the Mela della Valtellina.

Founded in 1961 as Consorzio Valtellinese delle Cooperative Ortofrutticole, since 2016 it has been recognised as an institution for the protection of the Mela di Valtellina PGI and all its producers.
The members of the consortium (Membri del Consorzio) consist of 364 producers who are from all stages in the production process – from the agricultural holdings who cultivate and produce the apples of Mela di Valtellina PGI, to the packers; companies that deal with the steps of production after harvesting (storage, sorting and packaging).

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