Taste The Alps organized two events in France on Thursday, November 29th, 2018, targeting the press and influencers.

A delegation representing Taste The Alps, as well as a chef from Valtellina, were in Paris to present the products originally coming from this region of the north of Lombardia, guaranteed by PDO and PGI European labels.

The delegation met a dozen of journalists at lunch time for a presentation of the European program followed by a show-cooking.

On that same day, during the evening, a selection of about 15 Parisian food  influencers, was invited to discover PDO and PGI products during cooking classes and demonstrations.

If Italian food is currently quite fashionable on the Parisian culinary scene, it was a good time for Taste The Alps, to highlight PDO et PGI products towards a targeted selection of medias and influencers of the food sector. Proof of quality, the European labels assigned to the products presented during both events are consistent with the current research of either authenticity and products of quality from the French consumers.

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